360 image of knut hansen gin bottle. 

Controls and features:

Using your mouse (or your finger on a smartphone or tablet), you can click and drag the 3D product image back and forth. 

When you do so the image will stop rotating, allowing you time to zoom in on areas of interest (using the mouse wheel or the "pinch and release" motion on your phone or tablet). After a few moments without  interruption the image will resume rotating.

Clicking on the full-screen icon in the bottom right hand corner will open the image in full-screen in a new tab

Corporate customers are able to tailor images like this to their needs, including their own logo or watermark, and a number of clickable icons to aid the customer in navigation of the image.

The Knut Hansen Gin Bottle originates from a German startup. The bottle encapsulates the face of legendary sailor Knut Hansen, an honest man "who did not let anything or anyone stop him on his journey, who took the liberty to go to the places he always wanted to see, experiencing countless adventures."

Opaque bottles such as this one make excellent subjects for 360 degree images. The symmetrical and spherical nature of the bottle allows for light to be cast evenly across all surfaces and through out each of the 360 product photos, meaning colors appear vivid and crisp.