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When it comes to producing 360 degree product images, not everything will fit neatly into a nice little spin studio. If that were the case, every brand photography studio and professional photographer would be jumping on the 360 photography bandwagon and producing top class 3D product images without a moments hesitation. The truth is that each business is different, as are the requirements of the business owners (or product marketers) and therefore each 360 photography opportunity offers unique challenges.

That is to say that some companies may have more grand ideas for their 360 photography than others, and requirements from a technical and pricing point of view need to reflect that. For example:

tablet swipe 360 image shoe 360 photography
  • What if your company requires shoe product photography, but you have 2,500 different models and colors and aren’t sure where to begin? Product-360 can help you with that, and have tailored pricing, workflow, roll-out management and delivery to reflect the nature of the products and their volume.


  • Perhaps your products are each vastly different in size and weight? Well, Product-360 can help you with that too, ensuring the highest quality rotating product photography for each of your product’s individual needs.

  • Then again, perhaps the products that you require 3D photography for are far too precious to transport to a studio. No problem, our trained professionals and comprehensive public and product liability insurance have you covered. We can arrange a time to come to a place of your choosing and perform a supervised product photoshoot or packshot.

  • Maybe the ordering and acquiring of the 360 degree product view is extremely straight forward to you, but you don’t know how to implement the images into your online web store or social media channels so that your customers benefit from your 360 advertising? Lean on us, for we have the expertise and the experience to help you.

There are a vast number of scenarios that require personalized attention when it comes to 360 product images. The requirements from companies are often as unique as the 360 product images themselves. The simple answer is to get in touch with Product-360 for some free, no obligation advice. Our friendly staff are always willing to offer an easy product photography solution and are more than happy to point you in a direction that’s right for you and your business.


 So, what are you waiting for? 

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