PRODUCT-360 in house studio. 

As you might expect, utilizing our professional in house photography studio allows us to be much more creative in our approach. Services that we offer include:

  • Multi-angle 360 Photography.

  • Hotspot Product Information

  • Larger objects and life size models. 

  • Multi-level 360 images.

  • 360 Packshots

  • Scene creation. 

We are always open to new concepts, so if you don't see something listed that you require, get in touch and we will give you a quote and free sample of work!

Multi-angle 360 Photography. 

Instead of just being able to rotate an image on a single axis, multi-angle 360 images allow you to view the image on several. For example, the image can be viewed from all sides, but also the entire top of the image too.

This kind of photography requires fixed specialized equipment that is often easier to achieve in studio. Although available with our call out services, additional time and money would need to be factored. 

Just look at the 360 image example here to see if your products could benefit from such a wonderful new dimension. 

Hot spot Product Information

One wonderful way to give your 360 product images more interactivity it to use hot spots. Hot spots can be used to give the user lots of information while they are looking at your images, in a much more intuitive way. 

In this example we look at our camera bag. As the user rotates the 360 image, they can hover their mouse over particular segments which will immediately cause more information to appear. Hot spots can be used to open links, highlight product information, or even trigger information entry such as email capture or competition enrollment. 

While not every 360 degree photograph requires this level of detail, it can be very useful to the end user to convey technical information where the information provided from the image alone is unclear or ambiguous. 

Larger objects and Life Size models. 

In order to achieve the best 360 image spin, one of two things has to rotate; either the subject or the camera. In almost all cases it's better to rotate the object because it allows you to control lighting and environment. 

For this reason most 360 photographers opt to use turntables in their studios. In this way you can keep the lighting and environment consistent while your subject simply spins in the middle. This makes for a much cleaner and well presented final 360 image. 

Here at Product-360 we are constantly upgrading our work space and turntable sizes to accommodate larger and heavier equipment. So, whether you need to 360 a wedding ring, or a car - get in touch!

Mutli-Level 360 Images.

If you have a product that interacts with other components, or you want to show off how it integrates with aftermarket add-ons then this type of 360 product photograph is absolutely perfect. 

In this example the user can rotate the image 360 degrees as normal, but moving their curser (or finger on a mobile device) up and down will see the addition of another components. 

Each component activates a complete new set of shots, so you can see the full 360 once more with the component(s) added or taken away. 

This kind of 360 product photography goes way beyond traditional two dimensional photography and can make trying to convey difficult concepts an absolute breeze. 

360 degree packshots. 

If you would like to know more about 360 pack shots you can read our blog post here detailing how to create the perfect packshot. 

In broad terms a packshot is a photographic marketing technique used to engage with your customer on a deeper emotional level than simply viewing the product alone. 

Typically packshots contain not only the product itself, but often items that are related to the product such as fresh ingredients or props that stimulate a response in customers. 

A good example is fresh fruit or herbs that although visual, stimulate the memory receptors in a customers brain to recall the associated taste and smell. This has been proven to further compel the potential customer to buy. 

Scene Creation

In much the same way a packshot works, 360 scene creation immerses the viewer into a state that can be associated with how the product should be used.

Even utilizing 360 product photography the user can still feel somewhat detached from the object. By creating a scene, the user is immediately transported into an environment at their fingertips, leading them to feel a stronger connection to the product and much more likely to agree move through to purchase.  

This kind of 360 product imagery does not work for every subject, but when used correctly can be an incredibly powerful tool.