Utilizing our top of the range portable 360 degree photo studio and commercial photography equipment, our highly trained Product-360 staff can come to a workplace of your choosing. In this way we can attain high quality 360 product images right in the comfort of your business premises, meaning that you don’t have to relinquish control of your precious products.

Our highly trained team are adept at creating great product photography in even the most confined and challenging of environments. Here at Product 360 we believe that 360 photography and 3D photography should be as easy and hassle free as possible, leaving your organisation free to concentrate on what it does best. Using state of that art mobile equipment we can effortlessly create 360 view photography and product shot photography for advertisement to your customers.

The end result is that our Spinning photos and hosted product images can be instantly used in conjunction with your website, social media and digital marketing campaigns.

What kind of objects can be shot using our product photography call out service?

There is a limit on the size that we can shoot outside of our main studios, unless adequate room is provided. To understand why, try to think of lighting. 360 view photography relies upon creating the correct lighting and perfectly enclosed environment, complete with rotation equipment and expertise to attain the perfect product packshot or product shoot. To do so Product-360 uses specially designed prefabricated and fully enclosed environments that can be tuned to provide the exact lighting and setup required for your personalized 360 degree product images.

This kind of setup is perfect for industries that require 360 advertising for Jewelry [Jewellery], 360 view shoes, packshoots for household items, car parts, brand photography, sporting equipment, technology and gadgets, and basically any 360 degree product shot that you or your business can think of.


Item’s that therefore must be less than 80x80x80cm and 30kg each in order to work in this pre-enclosed fashion.


Further options are available for objects that do not fall within these constraints so please feel free to get in touch with one of our experts.

Where does Product 360 travel to in order to create the perfect 3D product images?


Name it! Product-360 technicians currently travel World Wide to service our clients. Our call out service simply relies upon our regular pricing plus travel expenses. In many cases, having one of our skilled representatives visit your premises for two days may actually be cheaper than sending all of your products to our 360 photography studio and then having them returned.


For some clients in particular it offers security. Sending out expensive equipment, antiques or finery for any kind of product shoot photography may seem like a daunting task. For these jobs Product 360 typically utilizes one of its founding partners to oversee the project themselves.

 So, what are you waiting for? 

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