frequently asked questions about 360 spin images

Customer FAQ

What is a 360 product image?

When you're surfing a website and come across a product that you like, often the product photos allow you to see that product from one or two angles. If you're lucky the product's vendor has gone out of their way to photograph the front, back, sides, top and bottom, but that's often not the case. With 360 degree product images the viewing experience is exponentially better. You can click, drag, rotate and zoom all away around the product as if you were holding it physically in your hands. This kind of advertisment has been proven to increase sales and decrease returns by up to 50% (each) when compared to normal product photography. In short, the customer can see more of the product and determin very quickly if its exactly the item they need, encouraging them to either buy immediately or discard that product from their search, saving you and them valuable time and money.

How many pictures are in a 360 photograph?

The number of images in a 360 varies based on your needs. Through our software we recommend a 360° image to have 72 images, while other companies normally suggest only 24 or 36. Why is our number so high comparitively, isn't more better? In a sense, yes more pictures is better! But it comes at a price for other companies. More pictures means a smoother higher quality product image, but a bigger file size. Larger file sizes often mean slower loading times for the user, but our special software means that you get twice the quality in the same loading speed! You're welcome.

Can I also use the seperate images used for the 360 photograph?

As you now know, each 360 degree product images consists of 72 normal product photos taken from different angles, and perhaps you would like to use them for your own marketing or advertising. Well, there's good news. Whenever you purchase a full license from us you will also own and receive all of the still images that are used in the 360 shot. These are high resolution images and should be ready to use in print or on screen as part of you advertisment or media campaign.

What do the different licensing options mean?

At Product-360 we have two different licensing options, standard and full. The first option is cheaper, but limits you to the 360 itself (rather than access to all 72 images as well) in any format you desire. It also means that distribution of that image is limited to your company only (and any companies that it is a parent of), but does not allow unauthorised distribution to third parties. You are essentially paying for the rights to use the image as you want within your company and to your own customers, but you do not own the rights. Purchasing a full license allows you to have access to all 72 high resolution images, as well as 360's in any format you desire. It also means that you own the rights to the images and can distribute them to who you see fit. The option also comes with the added option of being able to use your own logo or watermark on the images.

Which license is right for me?

This of course comes down to personal prefernce and the needs of your company, but here is a handy guide: If you are unlikely to want any of the following: - Distribute the images to third parties, other than your company or associated branches. - Individual images of the 360 degree image for future editing. - Your own company logo or watermark on the 360 itself. Then we suggest the standard license will be fine for you. If you find yourself wanting the full license later but are unsure right now, it can also be purchased by contacting us. We always keep licensed photographs and projects on file.