360 image licenses explained. 

Basic License
  • Can be used on your chosen website, and any sibling sites. 

  • Can be used on your social media sites.

  • Can be used in your company's advertising campaigns.

  • Cannot be freely distributed to the public, other companies or sold to third parties.

  • Images are hosted by Product-360, who retain the license.

Full License
  • Can be used on any website of the users choosing.

  • Can be freely distributed on any social platform.

  • Can be used in any advertising campaign.

  • Company logos can be added. 

  • Watermarks can be added.

  • Can be freely distributed or sold to the public, other companies or any third party.

  • Original copies of files handed off to you, other digital backups are deleted. 

  • Will not be replicated  by Product-360.

Basic Features

Full Features

why do i even need an image license?

Licensing 360 images is here to protect you as a customer. The benefits are huge when compared to the alternative free market, so here we will attempt to explain why.

Protecting your 360 product photo investments.

Let's assume for a moment that you are a re-seller and want to have 360 degree product images on your website to beat the competition - a smart move. A good example might be if you distribute replacement car parts from multiple car manufacturers. Placing those new 360 images on your site makes them vulnerable to theft by a competitor looking to level the playing field. Despite Product-360 having secure and encrypted end-to-end secure delivery systems, some files have to remain public in order for your customer to view the 360 product image correctly.

What this could mean is that after you have gone out of your way to purchase your wonderful new 360 product images and upload them to your site, a competitor may simply steal them and upload them to his / her site at no extra cost for their personal gain. That would be detrimental to us and our customers.

Basic licensing means that Product-360 retains the rights and has control over what parties can access your images. Since in this example no one re-seller can claim rights to a 360 spin image that shows a piece of Mercedes engine, each party has to pay should they want to use those images on their website. In other words, no one can steal your images without being held legally responsible for digital theft.

Those familiar with stock photos or videos will know that this kind of licensing is applied across board in digital media. Household names like Getty Images and Shutter Stock utilize these strategies to protect their paying customers. 

do not trust non-licensed 360 photography studios

Product-360 is always acting to ensure that you as the customer get the best service possible. We monitor our hosting to check if images are being used where they shouldn't be. Your business is a direct reflection of our own business and we see it as a personal duty to both inspire your customers to buy, and protect your digital investments. 

We have already seen a climbing number of so called "professional" 360 studios re-selling your product images to other parties. In many cases, studios are selling those images cheaper than the costs bestowed upon the initial investor... you! Please don't allow yourself to be a victim of such quick and easy schemes. You get what you pay for and should aim to protect your investments at every turn. 

Often we see traditional photography studios making their way into the 360 product image market, and through no fault of their own leave themselves and their customers vulnerable to image theft. Please be aware that 360 product photography is an entirely new scope for many companies who often don't think about aftermarket issues. Product-360's extensive computer science and legal background have your best interests at heart.  

Why bother buying a full license?

Utilizing our previous example of being a re-seller you can see how a basic license can protect you. But what it also means is that Product-360 can sell those images a number of times. We are very open about this, and with good reason, so lets explain why...


If you are a re-seller that wants a 360 product image of a car part belonging to Mercedes, you are likely going to change how viewers interact with car parts within your online market. As you make more sales and have a better online presence you are likely to inspire your competitors to do the same. However, as the original investor you've spent your time sending products for spins, spent your hard earned company money and actually would rather not have the playing field leveled by someone buying stock images after you.


At Product-360 we understand this and do not want to discourage first time buyers, or worse, penalize forward thinkers in their respective industry. As such we offer anyone the rights to buy a full licence on the basis that Product-360 relinquish the rights to that buyer, and all known digital copies of the images. 

In doing so, the buyer gains full distribution rights for the image set and can edit, host or distribute the 360 images and videos as they see fit. As a full license holder you may also CHARGE for use of those images or for their distribution as you see fit.

In general, companies that buy full 360 degree photo licenses and rights to distribute are not re-sellers, but manufacturers who distribute their own product to third party sellers (they are Mercedes in our above example). Companies that buy basic licenses are often those that need the images for a competitive boost in sales and profits, but aren't interested in gaining from the resale value of the the 360 images themselves.